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Frequently Asked Questions

How much damage does a dexdex based fighter get?

Dex based fighter gets. +3 to hit with ranged weapons. And eventually they can get +5 at level 8 and the difference in AC 1 point, and their equipment is cheaper. +3 to hit with ranged weapons.

What do you need to know about DND 5e fighter?

DnD 5e - The Fighter Handbook 1 Introduction. The Fighter is a fantastic addition to any party. ... 2 Fighter Class Features. ... 3 Abilities. ... 4 Races. ... 5 Skills. ... 6 Background. ... 7 Feats. ... 8 Example Build - Half-Orc Fighter (Champion) I'm using a greataxe just like my barbarian cousin, but it's more homage than optimization. ...

What is the difference between Dex-fighter and STR-fighter?

So, the DEX-fighter will lag 1-3 points of AC until level 6, and 1 point after that. I still think that the DEX-fighter is more versatile, since he is better at archery and has a high initiative, has better reflex defense/initiative and so on. The STR-fighter most likely wants to increase his strength to increase to-hit chance and damage.

What is the difference between strstr and Dex and strength?

Str: Strength-based Fighters need Strength above anything else. Everyone else can dump it. Dex: Strength-based Fighters will be wearing heavy armor, so they can dump Dexterity. Archers and Finesse builds rely almost exclusively on Dexterity, so they need as much as they can get.

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