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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start a 501c3 nonprofit?

While you may hear that it takes two months, or eight months, the truth is that the amount of time for 501c3 approval depends on the application. It can also depend on the time of year, the type and classification of the nonprofit, and the complexity of the application itself.

How to find out if an organization is 501c3?

For the best 501c3 search results, choose either an Activity Code or an NTEE Code and not both. Click "Go" to see a list of 501c3 Lookup search results. When you find the 501c3 you are looking for, simply click on the name and you will see the information we have for that tax-exempt entity.

How to look up a 501c3 organization?

If a nonprofit organization in the US has 501C3 status, it means they are exempt from paying tax. To verify a nonprofit's 501C3 status, go to the IRS Select Check website and search their name or Employer Identification Number.

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