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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell 4th?

How do you spell 4th in words? The word “ fourth ” (with “u”) relates to the number four. It can be a noun (e.g., one fourth , remove the fourth ) or an adjective (e.g., the fourth car, the fourth person).

What is the difference between fourth and forth?

The two words are never interchangeable; they are different parts of speech. You can remember that fourth represents a number in a sequence since its spelling includes the word four. To summarize, forth is an adverb, while fourth is an adjective.

What is the definition of fourth?

Define fourth. fourth synonyms, fourth pronunciation, fourth translation, English dictionary definition of fourth. next after the third: her fourth helping of dessert Not to be confused with: forth – forward, as in back and forth; outward; onward: go forth and multiply...

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