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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wallpaper HD?

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD is your ultimate source of high-resolution Backgrounds, Wallpapers, Photos and Images for your Windows device. FIND Images, SAVE to your Pictures Folder, Preview or Set as LOCK SCREEN Wallpaper, Set as ACCOUNT PICTURE... New Wallpapers added daily…. More than 30 categories! Some features: - Create your own Slide Show - Setting to allow cache thumbnail images, block Adult Content and maintain scroll position in category view - Weekly Wallpaper Contest - "Wallpaper ...

What is wallpaper background?

Wallpaper. Also called a desktop background, a wallpaper is an image displayed behind the graphical user interface when the user's desktop is visible. It's the picture, color, or pattern you see on the main OS screen after your computer has booted up. In the picture, you can see an example of a Microsoft Windows XP desktop featuring a wallpaper ...

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