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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 4200x made?

Powerful and reliable the 4200X is designed, fabricated, powder coated, and assembled in Crosslake, Minnesota. Brush cutters and custom hangers are priced separately.

Why is the model 4200x not supported for the SD card?

Why is the model 4200x not listed as a supported model for the SD card that Roku sells? Probably because the 4200 is such an old player that few users have them any more. But yes, it has an SD card slot, along with the 4210 (Roku 2), 4230 (Roku 3) and 4400 (Roku 4).

How many gallons per minute does a 4200x use?

Complete your tough tasks with the 4200X and will function effectively on your mini excavator or backhoe loader. You will clear dense brush and saplings up to 3″ in diameter with the long-lasting high tempered steel blades. The primary auxiliary hydraulic flow required for standard flow is between 8 – 20 gallons per minute at the cutter head.

Does the pers-4200x console have a temperature monitor?

Unlike some PERS-4200 models, the PERS-4200X Console is NOT equipped with a temperature monitor. Should you desire this feature, contact your Distributor regarding the PERS-4200 Personal Emergency Reporting Systems that DO contain a temperature monitor.

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