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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 4 Ply Mask and normal mask?

4 ply mask, one layer more than the normal disposable mask. It can provide more protection for you and your family. The earband is wider and sofer than the normal mask. It will protect your skin and won't press the red print behind your ears even after the long-time wearing.

Where are 3-ply face masks made?

Manufactured in North Carolina, these 3-ply face masks have been designed to satisfy customer feedback while maintaining ASTM classification, according to the manufacturer. You can see the masks' classification results by scanning a QR code on the box, as well.

How should a disposable face mask fit?

The mask is designed to fit comprehensively against the top of your nose and beneath your chin. It's equipped with a nose clip to keep the mask secure against your face. It's tough to find a disposable mask made for children exclusively; this competing option may or may not be ASTM certified.

What is a 50-pack of face masks?

The 50-pack comes sealed in a reusable bag, which may prove useful for those who are outside and need to swap out wet masks throughout the day. They're made in a few different colors, including this light lilac shade, for those who are looking for a bit of flare when masking up.

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