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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the first and second species of counterpoint?

This species is the same as the second, except that the last note of the measure is tied to the first note of the next, forming a syncopation. As in the second species, the first note of the counterpoint should form a unison, octave or fifth, and when the counterpoint begins on the second half it may also be an imperfect consonance.

How do you write a second species counterpoint in music?

Begin a second-species counterpoint below the cantus firmus with do. Unisons are permitted for the first and last dyads of the exercise. A second-species line can begin with two half notes in the first bar, or a half rest followed by a half note.

What is the fifth species of counterpoint?

Fifth Species: Florid Counterpoint. Examples and Exercises. 22-24 LESSON X. Florid Counterpoint (continued). Combining Fifth Species with Second; with Third; with Fourth; with Fifth.

What is the penultimate note of the counterpoint?

The penultimate note of the counterpoint should be tiif the cantus is re, and reif the cantus is ti, as in first species. The penultimate bar of the counterpoint can either be a whole note(making the last two bars identical to first species), or two half notes.

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