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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact 240 tutoring?

240 Tutoring, Inc. Educational Consultant. Business Profile. 240 Tutoring, Inc. PO Box 75. Denton, TX 76201-4178. (866) 433-4113.

Why 240 tutoring for Texas teachers?

In Texas, most teacher certification exams require a score of 240 or higher to pass. So when Scott Rozell, founder of 240 Tutoring, Inc. realized how limited the preparation resource options were for teachers, he was inspired to develop study guides with one goal in mind – helping teachers pass their exams.

Who is mismischa at 240 tutoring?

Mischa joined 240 Tutoring after six years at Apple, bringing a plethora of tech and customer support experience with him. He is passionate about enhancing the customer experience and providing tailored responses to meet customer needs.

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