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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to 240 tutoring study guides?

1. Go to this link: 2. Select the state or exam series you need from the drop-down menu. You only need to subscribe one time to use all of that state or test series’ study guides.

Would you pass your exams without 240 tutoring?

I couldn’t have passed my exams without 240 Tutoring. I highly recommend 240 Tutoring to anyone that is preparing to take the TExES Exams. Congratulations on passing your exams, Melody! Thank you for using 240 as your test preparation resource.

Why choose 240240 tutoring for FTCE reading?

240 Tutoring provided a very thorough review for the FTCE Reading K-12 test. I felt very prepared. Hey Lynnette, thanks for choosing 240 as the test prep resource to fully prepare you to pass your exam! We're so glad you trusted us to help you! I was able to pass the Science to Teach… I was able to pass the Science to Teach Reading the first time.

Should I take the 240 exam?

Thank you for choosing 240 to help you know exactly what you needed to pass! Highly recommend 240! 240 helped me so much. It takes time to do the lessons and study but it pays off!! Put the work in on 240 and you will pass! So worth it Congratulations on passing your exams, Ann!

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