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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bracket for the 2021 NCAA Softball Tournament?

With the 2021 NCAA Softball Tournament bracket officially revealed, the Road to the Women's College World Series is underway. It's been a little while since we've had a bracket set for the NCAA Softball Tournament.

What happened at the 2021 NCAA softball Super Regionals?

The super regionals for the 2021 NCAA softball tournament are set with the results of Sunday's play. The top four overall seeds (Oklahoma, UCLA, Alabama and Florida) all remain alive with the tourney set to pick back up Thursday. Washington and Oregon earned the final two spots in the Super Regionals late Sunday night.

What are the bracket notes for the NCAA Tournament?

Bracket Notes: 1. If the winner of Game 9 defeats the winner of Game 5, then Game 13 is necessary. 2. If the winner of Game 10 defeats the winner of Game 6, then Game 14 is necessary. 3.

Who is the top seed in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Now that the teams have been picked and the field is set, the tournament can happen yet again. Unsurprisingly, the Oklahoma Sooners earned the top spot in the tournament. The Sooners were joined by UCLA, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, LSU, and Missouri as the top eight seeded teams in the tournament.

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