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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Michigan football defense expect to replace in 2022?

While the Michigan football offense has little to replace in 2022, the defense is a different story. The Wolverines have numerous key departures, including Aidan Hutchinson, Daxton Hill, David Ojabo, Josh Ross, Brad Hawkins, Vince Gray, Christopher Hinton, and a few others, for starters.

Who is Michigan’s best receiver in 2021?

Michigan’s No. 1 guy in 2021, Johnson is a precise route runner, made some big plays, but still needs to show a little more in terms of being a guy that the Wolverines go to when they absolutely need a play made. Still, he was the best receiver last year, leading the team with 620 yards and three touchdowns.

Will Barnhart be Michigan’s new right tackle in 2021?

This very well could be Barnhart, but Michigan was so desperate to get Jones out onto the field in 2021 that it occasionally brought him in as either an extra blocker or as a tight end. We fully anticipate that he’ll be the one to be the new starter at right tackle, unless Barnhart has something to say about it.

What are the chances of Milton emerging as a starter?

The chances of Milton emerging as a starter are very slim, so it’s easy to project a QB battle between a couple of young guns. With Charbonnet’s departure into the portal, there is an open third spot to fill in the backfield. Christian Turner also transferred, landing at Wake Forest.

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