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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest Madden?

While Madden NFL 21 is right around the corner and set to launch on August 25, 2020, it's the version that is set to release about 13 months from now that will have the advancements in Franchise mode that many want to see.

What is the best Madden?

10 Best Madden games of all-time Madden NFL 04 Madden NFL '94 © Provided by GamePur Image via YouTube (IG Company) Believe it or not, but when the Madden series first launched, EA Sports did not have a ... Madden NFL '99 © Provided by GamePur Madden NFL 99 was groundbreaking for a few reasons. ... More items...

What was the first Madden Football game?

Madden NFL '94 is a football video game released in 1993. It was the first game in the Madden series with an official NFL team license, as well as the first Madden game that allowed players to play a full regular season (via a password system).

How do you play Madden on PC?

Steps Buy any Madden game for the PC. Read a game guide about Madden. Start playing a game by using your favorite football team on the easiest mode: rookie or pro. Try out some of the modes: Franchise, Superstar, Practice, Lead Blocker, and Drills. Increase your difficulty level and see how well you perform in each game.

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