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Frequently Asked Questions

What do hurricanes hit Texas?

1970-1974 August 3, 1970 - Hurricane Celia of 1970 made landfall in Texas. ... September 16, 1970 - Later that year, Tropical Storm Felice made landfall in Texas. September 15, 1971 - Hurricane Edith caused tides up to 6' in Sabine Pass in 1971; soon afterwards, Hurricane Fern made landfall between Freeport, Texas and Matagorda, Texas as a ... More items...

When is hurricane season in Houston Texas?

NOAA Predicts Rough Hurricane Season for Houston. According to the NOAA, the typical Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, produces twelve named storms and six hurricanes, including three major hurricanes.

Is there hurricane in Texas?

According to the Texas Hurricane Center, the biggest hurricane to hit Texas was Carla and the most destructive was the Galveston Hurricane. The Galveston Hurricane hit the coastal town in 1900. Although no exact size measurement of the hurricane was recorded, the destruction and damage it caused is how it is measured.

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