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What was the name of the hurricane in 2017?

Hurricane Irma 2017. Hurricane Irma was a long lived storm - it formed just west of the Cape Verde islands, tracked across the Atlantic with the eye sliding just north of Puerto Rico, causing catastrophic damage to the northeastward Leeward Islands, then along the Cuban coast and finally made a northerly turn toward Florida on Sunday,...

How many people died in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season?

Three powerful and devastating hurricanes from the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season (Harvey [August 17–September 1], Irma [August 30–September 13], and Maria [September 16–October 2]) resulted in the deaths of hundreds of persons.

What was the weather like in 2017 Hurricane Irma?

Hurricane Irma 2017 For a detailed meteorological synopsis, click here. Hurricane Irma brought numerous impacts to the Florida Big Bend, southwest Georgia and southeast Alabama including widespread downed trees and powerlines, roads blocked by trees, power outages, and trees on homes.

How much damage did Hurricane Irma cause in Georgia?

By the morning of Monday, September 11th, then-Tropical Storm Irma moved into Georgia with a very large wind field containing at least tropical storm force wind gusts (39+mph). These high winds lasted several hours across most of the state, which resulted in many thousands of downed trees and caused 1.5 million customers in Georgia...

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