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Frequently Asked Questions

What important events happened in 1974?

Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1974. The major events of the year were the FIFA World Cup, won by hosts Germany, and the Commonwealth Games (called the British Commonwealth Games) in New Zealand. It was the 10th edition of the FIFA World Cup in which the host nation West Germany defeated the Netherlands by 2-1.

What was the Best Picture in 1974?

The Godfather (1972 movie) won Academy Awards for Best Picture in 1973 and its sequel The Godfather, Part II (1974 movie) also won Academy Awards for Best Picture in 1975.

What car was popular in 1974?

By 1972, compact cars had won the sales race. The GM Vega, Ford Pinto, and AMC Gremlin battled the imports – most notably Volkswagen, Toyota, and Datsun. In 1974, BMW introduced the first 3 series. One of my favorite cars ever, the old school Jaguar XJS was also released that year.

What was discovered in 1974?

The central Afar basin was first surveyed by Maurice Taieb in the 1960s; and in 1973, Taieb, Donald Johanson and Yves Coppens formed the International Afar Research Expedition to begin extensive exploration of the region. Partial hominin fossils were discovered in Afar in 1973, and the nearly complete Lucy was discovered in 1974.

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