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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ghost face stock photos and videos are there?

185,748 ghost face stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See ghost face stock video clips

Can you play as Ghostface in Scream 4?

Play as Ghostface and kill Jocks, Cheerleaders, Police Officers, Stoners, Goths and more in several Woodsboro settings from Dorm Rooms, Cinema, and School Gym. Scream 4 Voice Mask app. (No longer Available, was only out in USA)

Are Ghostface® NECA NECA figures in Scream 4?

Before Scream 4’s arrival in theaters there was also other things in the works, that being GhostFace® NECA figures, Versions included a full plastic type and a half plastic, half cloth type for more movement.

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