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Frequently Asked Questions

What is line 16 on Form 1040?

Line 16 of Form 1040. If you drew any income from pensions and/or annuities during the tax year, it goes on line 16 of Form 1040. That's the easy part. Line 16 is broken down into two categories. The space next to 16a reports the gross amount of distributions you received from pensions and annuities.

Where to find Schedule 1 on 1040?

Instead, you will need to read the Schedule 1 line item instructions found inside the general Form 1040 instructions booklet. On page one of IRS Form 1040, line 8, the taxpayer is asked to add the amount from Schedule 1, line 9, Additional Income.

What is 1040 Line 16?

Line 16 is a manual entry of tax in the right-hand column. Review the Form 1040 instructions for the three checkboxes. Do not check any of the boxes or enter any information associated with these checkboxes unless you are instructed to do so.

What is 1040 Schedule?

A Schedule E Form 1040 is a supplemental form which is used in conjunction with the standard income tax return form 1040. It is used by the Internal Revenue Service for tax reporting and filing purposes.

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