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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send 1040 Form?

Residents who send money mail Form 1040 to Louisville, Ky., Charlotte, N.C., San Francisco, Cincinnati, or Hartford, Conn. Addresses for payments go to post office boxes and non-payments go to service centers. Taxpayers who file other forms may have to send the documents to different addresses.

Where do I Mail my federal 1040?

For people who are required to make an estimated tax payment, Form 1040-ES, which is the estimated tax voucher can be used to submit your payment to the IRS using the following addresses. The following group of people should mail their Form 1040- E.S. to the Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 1300, Charlotte, NC 28201- 1300 USA.

What is Form 1040 instructions?

Form 1040 Instructions download and print. The form 1040 is used in an individual tax return, to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service for an income tax filing. Ultimately it determines if you owe taxes or if you are getting a refund.

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