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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find adjusted gross on 1040?

Your adjusted gross income takes your total income and tweaks it slightly by subtracting certain deductions allowable by the IRS. You can find the allowable deductions on the first page of your Form 1040, under the section marked "Adjusted Gross Income.".

What line is adjusted gross on 1040?

Adjusted gross income is figured on lines 7 through 37 on Form 1040 and includes various items of income and deductions. Deductions that are used to arrive at adjusted gross income are referred to as above-the-line deductions. These are the deductions entered on the first page of Form 1040 on the lines above line 37.

Why was my AGI rejected?

If your prior year AGI is wrong when you file, the IRS will reject your return. In most cases, when the IRS has rejected your tax return AGI, you can easily fix the amount and e-file your return again. To e-file your return again: Open your return in the H&R Block Tax Software.

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