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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 02 file extension?

Files with the extension 02 are often also jpg images or pdf documents, but zip compressed archives or medical images such as DICOM are also common. Use the Online 02 File Viewer on this page to find out the file format being used, and to view your 02 file.

What is A-02 ruin in Tower of fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy players can find a different number of chests in each difficulty of A-02 Ruin. Ruins in Tower of Fantasy are a fun little mechanic implemented to enhance the game’s RPG element. When finished for the first time, players are treated with some essential rewards, like Relics materials.

What is a 02 mug?

Get a 02 mug for your mate Vivek. Short for Digimon Adventure Zero-two, the second season of digimon adventure. Known for armor and jogress evolution, Vamdemon's third return, Black War Greymon's angst, and the infamous ending that put in couplings with virtually no evidence over ones that had a great deal of hintings.

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